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Infrastructure & Leisure

“It is time to enjoy a true welfare society in that Korea has a proud history of 5 thousand years.”
(From the quotations of the Founder Lee Im-yong, in 1996)

Companion for your prosperous life

Taekwang Group provides IT, Infra, Leisure, Culture and distribution business
to make more people enjoy a happy and affluent life.

  • tsis


    tsis is growing as a trusted company through various business such as tourism & leisure, total IT service and real estate development & planning.

  • Taekwang Country Club

    Taekwang Country Club

    Unfurled on a tract of 1,485,000m2 that takes up parts of the two Gyeonggi-do cities of Yongin and Suwon, Taekwang Country Club is loved by golfers for its pleasant environment, exceptional geographical location, and convenient transportation.

    TAEKWANG Country Club
  • Korea Book Promotion


    trn provides the information service that may obtain the satisfying information, home-shopping service merchandising goods for 24hour-long. And the company provides various contents by providing learning and cultural value to vouchers.

    Korea Book Promotion